Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snoring Grannies and Wakeful Fleas

Book: The Napping House by Audrey Wood; Illustrated by Don Wood
Puppets: Dog, Cat, Mouse
Props: A blanket and pillow
Presenters: 1
Audience: Toddler Time (1's and 2's)
Link to "Storytelling with Puppets" video

I always like doing this story without the book because the pictures are so excellent but they’re wasted if you use it in a larger group, even with the big book version. And though the pictures seem to delight people the most, it’s also a perfectly paced story, with rich vocabulary and a just-right ending. And although it’s more of a preschool story than a toddler one, it actually works just as well with ones and twos. The repetition and rhythm catch their attention, and I always have the group add a big “ssshhhh!” after every “…where everyone is sleeping” which really keeps them focused.

For the telling, my chair is the bed, I’m the Snoring Granny (with preschoolers I put on a fake gray beard and call myself a Snoring Grandpa, but that would just puzzle the ones and twos in Toddler Time I’m sure), and I pull a puppet out of the bag for each refrain after that, piling them up on my lap. No need for a Wakeful Flea puppet, just a pinched thumb and index finger as if you’re holding one. The thumping and bumping catches they’re attention and at “…who breaks the bed,” I just toss everyone up in the air and fall of the chair. So the pacing of the puppet version follows that of the book: start slow and quiet, throw in a wrench two thirds of the way through (the Flea), and end it with a wild finish. And then they can all check out copies of the book to see the pictures up close.

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  1. Steven, your blog makes me want to do storytime again. Thanks!