Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Storytelling with Puppets" videos on Youtube

Here's something new (for me at least) on this blog:  Video instruction/demonstration of some of the stories I like to do.  I can't manage to put our public, multi-person storytimes and programs on video yet, so I decided to focus on one of my favorite ways to tell stories without the book:  Storytelling with puppets (but without a stage). 

So I've started up a Youtube channel where I'll add videos, probably one
 per week.  The videos show the story being told, along with some tips and suggestions mixed in.  There are a few up there now, at  Here's one sample (I know, I don't look very happy on this thumbnail, but the other choices were even worse...):

If these videos seem useful to folks, I'll continue adding them, probably once a week or so, and mention them on this blog when I add new ones.  I'll also add links to previous posts on this blog if there's now a video to match.

I'd be interested to hear if these are useful, and also any suggestions to make them better (as long as the suggestions don't require fancy equipment, any level of video expertise, or more than just a little bit of effort...).    And I'll keep posting on this blog the usual video-less way, as well...

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